Thursday, January 26, 2017

Boho Chic Bracelets

Necklaces, anklets and rings are not just the ones that are part of boho fashion statement- bracelets too. Today's list will focus on bracelets that are perfect for your boho outfit!

Let this simple but oh-so-cute rope bracelet add color to your outfit. The gold leaf accent matches any Boho style and works well with other Boho-inspired jewelry. The subtle accessory can also be worn with casual looks to school or work.  Available in six colors, pick the leather chain color that matches your look or mood. 

Unleash your inner Katniss with this Hunger Games-inspired bracelet, which comes with a mockingjay and bow & arrow. The rope chain and vintage bronze metals will complement your Boho chic looks are well as your grunge outfits. Put your hair up in a fishtail braid to complete the iconic heroine look.

This arm bracelet is the ultimate boho accessory. The unique jewelry is worn on the upper arm, highlighting your toned arms. If you're going to the beach, this armband will look fabulous with your bikini top. Wear it with your sexy sleeveless top or strapless dress, and you will achieve an elegant gypsy look. The fashion jewelry looks like a bent arrow and fits most sizes since it can be adjusted. 

An elegant, ethnic-inspired boho bracelet will do wonders to any outfit. Bring the beach vibe to work or on a casual day out when you wear this floral bangle. It's perfect for the beach and summer concerts - with your matching maxi dress and matching boho accessories. Each piece is made of durable white copper and has a circumference of 17 cm.

How about you, what's your favorite bohemian bracelet? 

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